Interview – Journalism History Podcast

Listen to Dina discuss Cold War Correspondents, truth, and ideology with Ken Ward on the Journalism History Podcast

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Interview – SRB Podcast

Listen to Dina discuss Cold War Correspondents with Sean Guillory on the SRB podcast

Interview – History and Investing podcast

Listen to Dina’s conversation with Daniel Peris on the Keep Calm and Carry On Investing podcast

Interview – Slavic Connection podcast

Listen to Dina on the University of Texas at Austin Slavic Connection Podcast

Interview – New Books Network

Listen to Dina discuss Cold War Correspondents with Steven Seegel on the New Books Network podcast.

Russian Other, American Other – SRB Podcast

In ‘Russian Other, American Other’, Dina Fainberg and Victoria Zhuravleva join Sean Guillory to discuss how Russian-American mutual perceptions shaped their relations and each other’s national identity. 

Part of Distant Friends and Intimate Enemies: The US and Russia Speakers Series at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies and hosted by the SRB Podcast.

East-West Relations – The City Politics Podcast

Listen to Dina Fainberg and James Rodgers, Reader in International Journalism at City and a former foreign correspondent, discuss journalism’s role in shaping public opinion on both sides of the Cold War divide. A legacy that continues today as geopolitical tensions between Russia, Europe, and the United States persist and are shaped by political correspondents across the world.